Warnemünde - Ship Mercedes

Warnemünde is the port of destination for many cruise liners

The Baltic spa/seaside resort Warnemünde is located directly at the Baltic Sea and is one of the most popular ports for cruise ships. With its 150 meter wide sand beach, Warnemünde has the widest sand beach at the German Baltic Sea coast. Every summer, at the beginning of July, the Warnemünde Week with international sailing regattas and at the beginning of August, the Hanse Sail Rostock with many Windjammers, tall ships and other sailing ships from all over the world, take(s) place. Big cruise liners, ferries and cargo ships sail in and out at the same time. During the Hanse Sail Rostock, there are numerous additional sailing ships and Tall Ships in the area, passing the passenger quay in Travemünde and the piers with the estuary of the River Warnow ,day in day out

Warnemündes white beach(es) and the open sea

The Ship Mercedes visits Warnemünde several times during the season and carries out day sails and evening sails. Immediately after leaving the passenger quay in Warnemünde the Ship Mercedes reaches the open sea and can sail along the coastline under full sail from Kühlungsborn to Heiligendamm. Due to mostly western winds the Ship Mercedes can pass the estuary of the River Warnow with the Warnemünde Pier to starboard on her way back under full sail. Sails are not taken in until reaching the berth.
Before or after the sailing trip we recommend a walk to the Alte Strom in Warnemünde with numerous fishing boats which offer their freshly caught fish. Only a few minutes further north you will find the Teapott, Warnemünde´s landmark, the light house and the piers as well as the wide sandy beach.