Sylt - Sailing ship Mercedes

Sylt is the biggest island in the North Sea

Sylt is Germany´s fourth biggest island and the biggest German North Sea island. Since 1927 it is connected with the main land by the 11 kilometers long Hindenburg causeway. The most northern German island is particularly known for its touristic important spas Westerland, Kampen and Wenningstedt as well as the almost 40 kilometers long west beach. Because of its exposed location in the North Sea, there is a continuous loss of land. More than half of the island is a nature reserve.

High sea sailing cruises from Sylt

Due to her draught, it is only just possible for the Sailing ship Mercedes to call at List and Hörnum. In past years the Sailing ship Mercedes was mainly present at the Hörnum Port Festival, offering day sails and evening sails. Sailing cruises from Sylt are real high sea cruises, with western winds the sea can sometimes be a bit rough and you have wonderful views of the west beach of Sylt.