St Martin water activity

St Martin water activity

Welcome to an unforgettable St Martin water activity

Immediately after embarking a refreshing welcome drink is getting handed out by the crew. While sipping on the fresh beverage the captain tells a few words about the sail plan of this St Martin water activity. After the captains speech the first mate holds his mandatory safety instruction. Still in Great Bay sails are getting hoisted and the St Martin water activity begins.

Experience a St Martin water activity

You as a passengers have the chance to feel like being part of the crew. You can help hoisting sails, take the helm and check out the navigation room. You can also learn some maritime knowledge that is getting explained by the sailors. This St Martin water activity is an experience for people every age and different interest to enjoy the sailing. It is also possible to just relax and watch the action on deck while having a cold beverage. Listen to worth knowing facts of the island of St Martin and spot some planes flying over Maho Beach and Super Yachts anchoring in Simpson Bay makes this St Martin water activity to an unforgettable trip for everybody.