St Maarten sailing excursion

St Maarten sailing excursion

Welcome on board to a St Maarten sailing excursion

A sailing excursion along the coast of St Maarten on board of the tall ship Mercedes is a special experience for people every age. The excursion starts with a refreshing welcome drink which is offered directly while embarking. The captain welcomes his passengers on board the Mercedes and the first mate holds a short safety briefing. The sailors cast the ropes off, set the sails and the sailing excursion from St Maarten begins. During the excursion the crew tells worth knowing facts about sailing and St Maarten. Refreshing beverages are served at the ship´s bar.

Experience and enjoy a sailing excursion along the coast of St Maarten

Feel the wind in your hair and the zest in your spirit while you take the helm of tall ship Mercedes. Still in Great Bay the crew sets sails. You as a passenger can join the crew for setting sails, taking the helm of tall ship Mercedes and check out the navigation room. Or you are just relaxing while having a refreshing drink in your hand.  The end of the St Maarten sailing excursion means goodbye to the sailing ship Mercedes and the crew. You just have experienced a wonderful sailing excursion. Take some time to explore St Maarten and keep the sailing excursion in mind.