St Maarten boat excursion

St Maarten boat excursion

Welcome on board for a boat excursion along the coast of St Maarten

Tall Ship Mercedes welcome passengers every age for a St Maarten boat excursion. While having a cool welcome drink the captain tells a few words about following boat excursion and the mandatory safety instruction takes place. After that sails of the boat are getting hoisted and the St Maarten boat excursion along the coast begins.

Experience of sailing on a big sail boat

You as a passenger can also join the crew for a while, help hoisting sails or take the helm. There is also much to explore on the boat, you can for example check out the bridge and the navigation room. Or you just relax having a cold beverage and watch the beautiful coast of St Maarten. The crew tells some facts about sailing and about the island of St Maarten. The experience of sailing will never make you forget this boat excursion. After the St Maarten boat excursion you have to say goodbye to Mercedes and her crew. Take some more time to check out St. Maarten, there is much to explore.