Sailing Cruises from Wismar

Sailing Cruises from Wismar

Welcome on board to sailing cruises from Wismar

Sailing cruises from Wismar on board the Mercedes is a very special maritime experience for the young and old. The cruises are children and family friendly. Sailing cruises from Wismar starts with a refreshing welcome cocktail which is offered at the beginning of the sailing cruises with the embarking. The captain welcomes his passengers on board the Mercedes and the first mate holds a short safety briefing. The sailors cast the ropes off, set the sails and the sailing cruises from Wismar begins. During the sailing cruises from Wismar freshly cooked meals will be offered at the ship´s restaurant. Refreshing beverages are served at the ship´s bar. Souvenirs and clothes embroidered or printed with the ship´s logo are available at the shop on board. For sailing enthusiasts there are also signed nautical miles confirmations and old nautical charts available.

Experience and enjoy sailing cruises from Wismar

During the sailing cruises from Wismar passengers can participate in maritime activities, such as setting sails, taking in sails, taking the helm and looking outor just sit on deck with a refreshing cocktail, enjoying the journey. For those who are interested, the boatswain demonstrates seaman´s knots and the first mate explains the different sails and the rigging. The captain welcomes you on the bridge and for a moment you can take the helm. In the navigation room navigation and communication instruments are explained. The end of the sailing cruises from Wismar means good bye to the sailing ship Mercedes and the crew. Take some time to look around Wismar and keep the experience in mind, hopefully with a breath taking sunset.