Rostock - Tall Ship Mercedes

Rostock, the seaside city of Berlin

The Hanseatic City of Rostock is culturally as well as economically the most important city in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and characterised by its seaside location, the port, the Hanse and its red brick Gothic architecture as well as the University of Rostock. The capital Berlin is only 240 kilometers away and Rostock as well as Warnemünde are so to say the maritime door to the world. The well developed City Port of Rostock is every year at the beginning of August the show ground for the annual Hanse Sail Rostock. Numerous Windjammers, tall ships and other sailing ships from all over the world head for the Hanse Sail Rostock and carry out day sails and evening sails at the Hanse Sail.

Rostock with the River Warnow and the open sea off Warnemünde

The Tall Ship Mercedes is a regular guest at the Hanse Sail and is also moored at other times in the City Port of Rostock. Within only 45 minutes on the River Warnow the Tall Ship Mercedes reaches Warnemünde and the open sea where you can sail in all wind directions. With mostly western winds the Tall Ship Mercedes can set all sails even from and to the Stadthafen of Rostock.