Ocean adventure St Maarten

Ocean adventure St Maarten

Enjoy a St Maarten ocean adventure

The guests on board of tall ship Mercedes are welcomed with a refreshing beverage. While enjoying the cool drink passengers listen to the sail plan hold by the captain. After a mandatory safety instruction hold by the first mate sails are getting hoisted and the ocean adventure along the coast of St Maarten begins.

Experience this St Maarten ocean adventure feeling like a sailor

Still in Great Bay you can help hoisting the sails. During the excursion you can take the helm and feel the wind blowing the ship to open water. You can check out the navigation room and listen to the crew telling worth knowing facts about sailing. Or you just relax and watch the action on deck, sipping a cold drink and listen to the smooth background music instead. Anyways this ocean adventure of St Maarten is an experience for people every age. Back in Great Bay means saying goodbye to the ship and its crew but you will keep the unforgettable St Maarten ocean adventure in mind.