Lübeck - Brig Mercedes

Lübeck at the River Trave is the Door to the North

The Hanseatic City of Lübeck is located in the North German Plain on the lower River Trave and is only a few kilometers away from Hamburg. The Hanseatic City is also called “City of the seven Towers” and “Door to the North”. The medieval Old Town is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.
On the navigational way of the River Trave we reach within just one hour Travemünde and the open Baltic Sea, which is a very beautiful sailing area. Sailing the River Trave with its stunning landscapes to port and starboard is very impressive.

Lübeck with the River Trave and Travemünde Bay

In Lübeck the Brig Mercedes offers day sails and evening sails with a beautiful sail on the River Trave and a cruise on the open sea after passing the estuary of the River Trave. The sea area off Travemünde is protected by the coastline and with mostly western winds the Brig Mercedes can set all sails, even on the River Trave from and to Lübeck. In earlier times the River Trave with its hidden bays was a retreat for pirates lying there at anchor and attacking the passing trading ships.