Kiel - Sailing ship Mercedes

Kiel is known for the annual Kiel Week

Kiel, the capital city of Schleswig Holstein, is located on the Baltic Sea and is the most northern city in Germany. Kiel is traditionally an important base for the German Navy and known by the annual international sailing event Kiel Week with numerous sailing ships and regattas of olympic and international status. The training ship Gorch Fock was based in Kiel for many years and is a regular guest on the occasion of the Kiel Week.

Kiel Firth and Kiel Bay are attractive sailing areas

The Sailing ship Mercedes is every year present at the Kiel Week and carries out day sails and evening sails. The natural harbour Kiel Firth with the northerly located Kiel Bay is a most attractive sailing territory. Sails can be set immediately after leaving the harbour, passing large ferries and cruise ships. After passing the strait near Friedrichsort, there is on the starboard side the picturesque town of Laboe with a marvelous beach, a submarine museum and the prominent Naval Memorial. Towards the end of the day sail with the Sailing ship Mercedes you can see on the starboard side the northern and southern locks of the Kiel Canal, the busiest man-made waterway in the world.