Hörnum - Ship Mercedes

Hörnum is located at the southern tip of Sylt

Hörnum, the sunny south of Sylt, is located at the tip of the island´s southern spit and is surrounded on three sides by the sea and the beach. From the promenade and the quay you can discover a lot of the maritime life in the island´s southernmost village. The lighthouse on the dunes has shown ships the right way for more than a century. It is Hörnum´s landmark. Another attraction is a trip around the Hörnum Odde, the southern tip of the island of Sylt. White cruise ships are lying in Hörnum´s harbour, ready to go to the neighbouring islands of Amrum and Föhr, and to the Halligen (very small islands) Hooge and Gröde. They also offer short cruises and excursions to the seal colonies. Since 1991, the female grey seal “Willi”, visits the harbour regularly and is fed with herrings by the tourists.

High sea sailing cruises from Hörnum

In occasion of the annual harbour festival, the Ship Mercedes is on site and carries out day sails and evening sails. The water is just deep enough for the Ship Mercedes to call at the harbour. Sailing cruises from Hörnum are real high sea cruises, with western winds the sea can sometimes be a bit rough and you have wonderful views of the west beach of Sylt.