Bremerhaven - Brig Mercedes

Bremerhaven is a seaside city with maritime flair

Bremerhaven is located at the estuary of the River Weser. The city of Bremerhaven with its international port is one of Europe´s biggest seaports. Annually at the end of July, the Festival Week takes place, a maritime meeting of sailing, motor and steam ships. Every 5 years the Sail Bremerhaven, one of the biggest Windjammer meetings worldwide, takes place. The newly prepared Neue Hafen together with the lock Neuer Hafen, the Atlantic Sail City Hotel, the Emigration House, the Climate House, the Seaside Zoo and the shopping center Mediterraneo is a highly attractive location.

The River Weser off Bremerhaven is a safe waterway

Day sails and evening sails with the Brig Mercedes take place in the protected area of the River Weser. After passing the lock Neuer Hafen sails are set and we are heading seawards. The Brig Mercedes passes the biggest container ships in the world on their way to Bremerhaven or moored at the Kolumbuskaje. At low tide, you can see the seals lolling on the sandbanks. Under full sail the Brig Mercedes returns to Bremerhaven up to Blexen roadstead, where she starts the exciting docking maneuver with entering the lock Neuer Hafen. After the sailing trip with the Brig Mercedes you have the opportunity to visit the sights along the Neue Hafen.