Bremen - Sailing ship Mercedes

There are many historical objects and places of interest in Bremen

The borough of Bremen is the capital of the state of the Free Hansiatic City of Bremen. Bremerhaven, located 60 kilometers further north, belongs also to this two-city-state. Over centuries, the shipping had a great importance in Bremen. During the warm months, regular shipping tours are offered on the River Weser, the River Hunte to Oldenburg, the River Aller to Verden and on the River Lesum und Hamme to Worpswede as well as harbour round trips in Bremen´s ports. Around Bremen´s market place there are many places and objects of interest. One of the most well known ones is the Bremen Town Musicians at the west wall of the historical town hall. Centre and symbol of the city is the Roland. Together with the town hall, it belongs to the UNESCO world heritage. At the Martini church, the Schlachte, a historical promenade, restored in the 1990s, with numerous restaurants, starts.

Bremerhaven is Bremen´s port of departure

The Sailing ship Mercedes carries out day and evening sails in Bremerhaven. After passing the lock Neuer Hafen sails are set and we are heading seawards. The Sailing ship Mercedes passes the biggest container ships in the world on their way to Bremerhaven or moored at the Kolumbuskaje. At low tide, you can see the seals lolling on the sandbanks. Under full sail the Sailing ship Mercedes returns to Bremerhaven up to Blexen roadstead, where she starts the exciting docking maneuver with entering the lock Neuer Hafen. After the sailing trip with the Sailing ship Mercedes you have the opportunity to visit the sights along the Neue Hafen.